If you’re looking to browse a wide selection of 2019 Ford models, or you need some automotive guidance, you can look no further than Dean Arbour Ford of Alpena. Our team of car experts is dedicated to your satisfaction. They also understand the value of taking a trip to a mechanic for springtime maintenance.

The winter season can be somewhat rough on a vehicle. Between salted roads, potholes, poor weather and frigid temperatures, its easy to see why many automotive professionals recommend that drivers seek out thorough maintenance once the season is over.

For starters, it’s a good idea to have your car thoroughly washed. Over time, road salt can inflict damage on your vehicle’s exterior and cause essential components to corrode. Consider this a chance not just to perform Spring cleaning on your house, but on your vehicle as well.

As mentioned prior, winter can put your tires through quite a beating. Tire care is essential, as they act as the foundation of your vehicle. Not only do they provide traction on the road, but they also support the overall weight of your vehicle and everyone and everything inside of it. By having your tires inspected, you can ensure you and your passengers stay safe on the road as you drive on into the spring and summer.

Having your oil changed is another essential bit of auto maintenance that your car should undergo. During the winter, many drivers swap out to a grade of oil that can operate in the frigid temperatures. With the warmer weather of spring, you may want to consider swapping to a warmer grade of oil to ensure your engine continues running healthily on through next winter.

Car maintenance can be overwhelming. However, the automotive technicians at our Ford service center in Alpena, MI can make the process easy and stress-free. At Dean Arbour Ford of Alpena, we are dedicated to our customer’s satisfaction and can help you get your car ready for the spring season.