As drivers, it’s incredibly easy to disregard your tires. Most of the time, they’re completely durable and reliable, until disaster strikes. Fortunately, our Ford service team at Dean Arbour Ford of Alpena are well-versed on tire care and can help you keep all four wheels rolling smoothly. When you visit our service department for tire maintenance, you’ll be greeted by auto technicians who can perform everything from tire rotations and pressure checks to wheel alignments and replacements. These service tasks are essential to tire maintenance and can truly impact your overall driving experience.

Tire Rotations

To make sure all four tires wear evenly, our service technicians perform tire rotations, where we shift the front wheels to the back and the back to the front. Unevenly worn tires have a higher chance of bursting without warning, which can be quite problematic on the road.

Tire Pressure Checks

The air in your tires is tuned to a certain range of pressures, but when this pressure reading reads too high or too low, you can dramatically hinder your car’s performance and risk popping a tire. Fortunately, our service experts are incredibly experienced at fixing over- or under-inflated tires on the spot.

Wheel Alignments

Similar to unevenly-rotated tires, poor wheel alignment can cause uneven wear, faulty steering, and even drifting on the road. When you visit our service department for a wheel alignment, we’ll ensure that your wheels are set straight so that each one rolls in the right direction.

Beyond maintenance, our Ford dealers near Rogers City, MI are known for providing unparalleled service tailored to each customer. From tire rotations to trade-ins, we can handle it all here at Dean Arbour Ford of Alpena. Visit us today!