There are many Ford dealers out there, but there is only one who gives you the service that Dean Arbor Ford of Alpena does. Our team is dedicated to fulfilling all of your automotive needs and answering any of your questions. One recurring question we get is how to go off-road in a Ford truck or SUV.

Off-roading can be a great way to explore the outdoors. There are plenty of trails out there that lead to some genuinely untouched pieces of wilderness. That said, not every vehicle is specifically designed to tackle the varied terrain of the trail. A lot goes into making a car off-road ready, and we’re here to help you learn the basics.

First things firs: your tires should be designed for off-road driving. Standard tires may be great at gripping the pavement, but they will likely struggle on terrains like snow, ice, sand, and mud. Off-road tires typically have deeper tread allowing them better traction. They’re also far more durable than standard tires, which means they can hold up against many of the obstacles the trail can throw at them.

The level of ground clearance is also key to a successful off-road vehicle. Ground clearance is the amount of space that divides the undercarriage of your car and the ground. With greater ground clearance you can avoid scraping your undercarriage against debris and keep vital components intact. Ten inches of ground clearance is typical for vehicles that are off-road ready, though you can get away with less depending on the terrain.

While these may seem like serious upgrades, the team of technicians in our Ford parts department can help you prepare your vehicle for the great outdoors. While not every car may be ready for the trail, our team at Dean Arbor Ford of Alpena can show you how to transform your daily commuter into a weekend trekker.