When you visit Dean Arbour Ford of Alpena, you will not only find a wide selection used and new Ford vehicles, but you can expect to receive one-on-one assistance from a team of automotive professionals who are dedicated to your satisfaction. However, before you head over to our Alpena, MI dealership to test drive your dream Ford vehicle, there are some things you should do before and during your test drive to make the most out of it.

You can view your first test drive as the first impression of a vehicle. Right away, you’ll get a full understanding of how the car feels behind the wheel, and whether or not the car is right for you. That said, you shouldn’t rush into a test drive right away. It’s always helpful to first determine what you’re looking for in a car. Are you a commuter who prioritizes fuel-efficiency and driver comfort? Or do you think a car should be powerful and fast? Asking yourself these questions can go a long way toward helping you find the car that checks off all of your automotive boxes. Once you’ve figured out what kind of car you want, it is helpful to call your local dealerships to determine whether or not they have the model you’re looking for. Once you find the car you want at a reputable dealership, the time comes to schedule your test drive. Bring someone you trust with you to your test drive. Having a second opinion from a close friend or family member can remove a lot of the stress and anxiety from the car buying process. When you finally get behind the wheel, you should take it on a test drive of a route you regularly do. Envision what it would be like to drive that car regularly, and ask yourself, “Is this the best fit for me?” Buying a car can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be.

Here at Dean Arbour Ford of Alpena, we are dedicated to fulfilling all of our customer’s automotive needs. Whether they’re looking to visit our Ford service center or to purchase a new car, we make your satisfaction our number one priority.