If you’ve found yourself asking, “Is there a Ford dealer near me that truly puts its customers first?” you can rest easy, because the answer is Dean Arbour Ford of Alpena. We strive every day to earn our customer’s complete satisfaction and are always excited to share our full breadth of automotive experience with each person that steps foot on our lot.

There are a lot of stages to the car buying process, but one of the most exciting is determining what kind of car will fit your needs. Several factors play into this step of car buying. However, one of the most influential is car body type.

The body type of a car essentially includes the shape, size, and general design. There is a wide range of car body types out there to choose from, and they vary dramatically between one another. Some of the car body types that you’ll find include sedans, minivans, pickup trucks, hatchbacks, crossovers, sports cars, and coupes. The body type of a vehicle can determine a lot of things from fuel efficiency to how much room you have for passengers and cargo.

While there may be a plethora of body types to choose from and no particular body type is superior to any other. Each body type comes with its set of unique pros and cons. For example, pickup trucks may be great for utility and power, but they tend to lack the fuel efficiency of other body types. On the other hand, many compact sedans excel in fuel economy , but won’t be able to tow hefty cargo or transport any more than four or five people.

When you visit Dean Arbour Ford of Alpena to purchase a new Ford vehicle, we’ll not only help you find the body type that works for you, but we’ll make the entire car buying process as seamless and exciting as possible. From the test drive to the moment you drive off our lot, we’ll be with you every step of the way.