If you’re looking for a Ford dealer near you that prides itself on customer satisfaction, you can look no further than Dean Arbour Ford of Alpena. Our team of passionate automotive professionals is always enthusiastic about sharing their automotive knowledge, and one of the questions we frequently get from customers is how to change a flat tire.

A flat tire can happen when you least expect it. Sometimes caused by poor road conditions, other times caused by simple wear and tear, a flat tire can leave you stranded on the side of the road if you’re not careful. Fortunately, with these helpful tips, you don’t have to be stuck forever.

One thing we always mention to our customers is to be wary of changing a tire in a narrow shoulder. You should be sure you have enough space to walk around your car without having to worry too much about oncoming traffic. Another helpful tip is to raise your vehicle to an adequate height. Once you have your vehicle on the jack, you sure ensure that the tire in question is at least six inches off the ground.

In the event of a flat tire, sometimes it is worthwhile to have the right equipment on hand. One crucial piece of equipment is an adjustable wrench. With the right wrench, you can pull off the lug nuts on your tire, instead of having to rely on the help of a roadside mechanic. Another great piece of advice for changing a flat is to check the air pressure of your spare once you’ve put into place. Spares go unused for an extended period, and in some cases can lose air over time.

These are just some of the bites of information that you can find when you visit Dean Arbour Ford of Alpena. The team of auto technicians in our Ford service center will go above and beyond to provide you with everything you need to get back on the road rolling smoothly again.