Desperately need to find the nearest coffee place?  Or do you need to hear a pick-me-up song? Your Ford car is on its way to helping you out. With uncanny accuracy, your car may soon have the ability to learn your mood, needs, and wants simply by the sound of your voice. Researchers are currently developing innovative new voice recognition technology that will make your car feel more human than ever before.

“We’re well on the road to developing the empathetic car, which might tell you a joke to cheer you up, offer advice when you need it, remind you of birthdays and keep you alert on a long drive,” said Fatima Vital, senior director of Marketing Automotive at Nuance Communications, which helped the Ford brand develop voice recognition for the SYNC in-car connectivity system.

Voice recognition technology plays a large role in the innovative SYNC® 3 systems. With voice control enabled through Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™, SYNC 3 connects your smartphone to your Ford car, including the Ford Escape. You can access your music, phone messages, maps, a variety of third-party apps, and much more.

Though the Ford Motor Company is looking at what’s next. They are currently working on a project with RWTH Aachen University that includes employing multiple microphones to enhance speech processing and block out external noise. This is one step to improve voice recognition technology and explore ways your Ford car can become your assistant, travel companion, and sympathetic ear.

At Dan Arbour Ford of Alpena, we cannot wait to see what’s next for this innovative technology! Until then, we are happy to show our customers how the SYNC 3 system found in new Ford vehicles can improve the driving experience. If you would like to learn more, stop by our Ford dealership serving Rogers City, MI. We hope to see you soon.