If you find that you have issues with your alignment, it is best to have it addressed sooner than later. Our team at Dean Arbour Ford of Alpena is available to take a look at your Ford F-150 whenever you need! We have a state-of-the-art Ford service center and all of the latest equipment so that you can feel confident that your Ford truck is in great hands. To make your life even easier, you also have the ability to schedule your service appointment directly from our website.

Is It Time for an Alignment?

Whenever you have issues with your steering and handling, it could be a sign that an alignment is necessary. You may also start to see things like uneven tire wear or your vehicle pulling more to one side as you are driving. No matter what, having it checked will be fast and you can get the wheel alignment that you need so your vehicle is back up and running. Our professional Ford service technicians are experts for wheel alignment issues and we are happy to take a look.

Winter months are prime time for wheel alignment issues as many people fall victim to pot holes in the road. You may also have the problem of running up over a curb or having uneven road surfaces that jostle your suspension and eventually cause issues. No matter what, our Ford mechanics will look at your suspension and many any necessary adjustments to your tires and axles. Other reasons for a wheel alignment may include tire replacement or suspension work, all of which we can handle at our service center.

Stop by to see us today at Dean Arbour Ford of Alpena when you need a wheel alignment. Be sure to ask if we have any available service specials to save you money on your visit!