When shopping for a vehicle, it’s important to learn about horsepower, drivetrain, cargo room, and a hundred other things. However, there is no substitute for getting behind the wheel and seeing how it performs out on the road.

If you’re thinking about used Ford F-150s near me, by all means check out the specs. But after you do that, make sure to take a test drive. These are the areas to think about when you do:


Because you’ll be driving your truck every day – and perhaps for hours each day – it has to offer good comfort. Make sure the seats are supportive and that you have adequate head- and legroom. Check the visibility and how easy it is to access things like controls for the infotainment system.


Whether you’ll be packing your truck with people or cargo, it has to give you the room you need. Pick a cab that offers enough space for you and your passengers, and a bed that will meet your hauling needs.


If you have never owned a pickup before, driving it may take some getting used to. Be sure to take some turns and curves in the truck to see how it handles. Get a feel for the steering and brakes, as well as the traction the tires offer.


If you always want to stay connected even when driving, you need a truck that has the right features, such as smartphone connectivity, USB ports, and maybe Bluetooth®. Test these out while driving to see how easy they are to use.

Now that you know what to focus on for your test drive, visit our Alpena Ford dealership to see the used Ford F-150s in stock. Or, we can bring one out to your home for a remote test drive.