At Dean Arbour Ford of Alpena, we proudly serve our Alpena, MI customers with a wide selection of used and new Ford vehicles. On top of that, we are always eager to share our years of automotive knowledge, which, during this time of year, tend to include winter driving tips.

Our team at Dean Arbour Ford of Alpena understand how brutal the winters can be in Alpena, MI. Frigid temperatures and rough weather can change the way we spend our day-to-day, and it should also change the way we drive. For instance, winter should change how fast we drive. Instead of following the designated speed limit, you should drive moderately slower to prevent the possibility of losing traction on icy or slippery roads. While you shouldn’t drive too fast, you also shouldn’t stop too quickly either. Stopping suddenly can cause your tires to lose traction as well, which can lead to the same results of driving too fast. When driving in the winter, it is smart to pack a survival kit. You never know when a winter storm can hit and leave you stranded on the side of the road. By packing things like non-perishable food, warm clothing, and even set of road flares in your car during winter you can stay safe out on the road this winter season.

Sometimes driving cautiously and preparing a survival kit isn’t enough. For that reason, we recommend that you visit a Ford service center to get your vehicle fully winter ready. Our skilled automotive maintenance staff can help you check your tires and swap your motor fluids to ensure you’re safe out there this winter season.