Here at Dean Arbour Ford of Alpena, we are passionate about two things: customer satisfaction, and automotive maintenance. We advocate our customers from Alpena, Rogers City, and beyond to pay attention to the fluids in their vehicle, as they can make or break the quality of your drive.

Your car runs on more than just gasoline. Whether you’re driving a used or new Ford vehicle, you’ll need to keep a steady eye on your motor fluids. There are three significant fluids to watch out for: coolant, oil, and transmission fluid.

Coolant is used to maintain the temperature of your engine. Without coolant, your engine would almost certainly overheat. Coolant is housed in the radiator, but it influences the entire car.

Oil is another crucial motor fluid. Oil is the lubricant that keeps the many complicated mechanisms of your engine running smoothly. Over time though, this oil becomes clogged with gunk and grime. Every three months or 3,000 miles (whichever comes first) it’s recommended that you swap your oil out if you don’t you run the risk of doing some pretty significant and costly damage to your vehicle’s engine.

The third most important kind of motor fluid is transmission fluid. Transmission fluid is another form of lubricant, but instead of maintaining the engine, transmission fluid supports the transmission. Like oil, transmission fluid needs to be changed out, but far less often; roughly every 30,000 to 60,000 miles. These three fluids, when properly maintained, can increase the lifespan of your vehicle, improve your fuel economy, and result in an overall satisfying drive.

All that said, you don’t want to do this kind of critical maintenance on your own, and fortunately, you don’t have to! The team at our Ford service center can help you fulfill all of your automotive maintenance needs, and help you keep an eye on your ever-important fluid levels. Stop by and see us soon!